Tuesday, 21 April 2009

new bike, new buns....

Can you ever forget how to ride a bike?
Well, I embarked on revisiting my youth by purchasing a smart Tiger about town bike, modelled on the ones you see bright young things riding around on in Amsterdam.  I had spent a few grey days in January and marvelled at how everyone seemed to be riding bikes.  Masses of them, in fact, they had right of way.  All shapes and sizes were jumping on and off them with great ease as though the bike was actually part of them.
I vowed that I would get a bike when I returned home and ordered one online.  It arrived flat pack!!  Argh!  Flat pack bikes and me are not a good combination - Ikea flatpacks - no problem!  Hand me one of those babies and I'll knock you up a wardrobe in less than 10 mins - but bikes!
Aren't they all oil and chains?  Normally that prospect might have quite excited me but in this context, no!
I bravely put all the pieces together and then with a few rattles and a tight front brake I set off.
I live on top of a hill so I sought out quiet country lanes in which to wobble and roll.  That was the bike i might add, not my spare tyre but it join in just for the fun of it.
Where would my newfound freedom take me?
To be continued..........

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Give all to love, obey thy heart Rubyruby bag

Give all to love obey thy heart  Rubyruby messenger bag

Catwalk Threads interview

Just been interviewed for the excellent online blog diary and all round fabulous vintage website Catwalk Threads.  Louise is a very passionate, lovely lady and what she doesn't know about vintage is not worth knowing!  She also champions individual designers, artists and creatives.  Read my interview here:http://catwalkthreads.wordpress.com/2009/04/19/unique-handmade-accessories-from-rubyruby-boutique/  and please leave a comment or message.
Many thanks!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Bassets Vit C tablets

I have to recommend something fab.  I have been taking Bassetts orange flavour Vit C plus zinc chewy tablets for a couple of months now and have noticed a marked difference in my nails, my hair has grown longer so have my eyelashes.  It is fantastic!  I was ill for 1 day throughout the whole of the winter, through those awful bouts of flu and sickness that everyone was having.  They definately work!
Been very busy with making handbags, cuffs and brooches recently.  My business is booming at the moment, I'm selling in lots of different galleries and boutiques and getting lots of good feedback.  Please have a look on my website and enjoy browsing whilst drinking a cup of tea and eating a chokkie biscuit.
Keeping an eye on lovely things on etsy....it's fantastic for presents for everyone, especially yourself!