Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hello Dolly

Sometimes it's really nice to sit and watch a good old glorious Technicolour movie.  Whilst i was stitching today I put on 'How to steal a million dollars.'  A fantastic Audrey Hepburn and Peter 'O' Toole film from the 60's.  The colours are absolutely amazing.  Audrey comes walking down this fantastic swirling staircase which was a beautiful purple colour, not just a deep purple, a wonderful bright purple that really sings against the french repro  furniture.  She wears Givenchy throughout the film too and needless to say looks incredible.  There is one shot in the film where she drapes a magenta coat over the staircase and it clashes beautifully.  I find these old movies a real inspiration, as I type I have 'Hello Dolly' on in the background.  The costumes are beautiful and a coincidence as Dolly has just entered wearing a fitted jacket covered in lace pieces and I am just recycling an overnight bag with vintage lace doilies and lace trim.  When they dance in the milliners shop there's lots of swirling ribbons and ruffles flying around.  If you are designing something with lace and ribbons, watch it.  In fact, watch all the glorious technicolour films they are extremely inspirational!

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