Friday, 17 April 2009

Bassets Vit C tablets

I have to recommend something fab.  I have been taking Bassetts orange flavour Vit C plus zinc chewy tablets for a couple of months now and have noticed a marked difference in my nails, my hair has grown longer so have my eyelashes.  It is fantastic!  I was ill for 1 day throughout the whole of the winter, through those awful bouts of flu and sickness that everyone was having.  They definately work!
Been very busy with making handbags, cuffs and brooches recently.  My business is booming at the moment, I'm selling in lots of different galleries and boutiques and getting lots of good feedback.  Please have a look on my website and enjoy browsing whilst drinking a cup of tea and eating a chokkie biscuit.
Keeping an eye on lovely things on's fantastic for presents for everyone, especially yourself!

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